Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orchestra Concert

April 8th, 2009 Kaylee had an Orchestra concert. I am so proud of her. She started taking orchestra this year after school and has loved it. She thought about changing instruments from the violin to the flute and tried it for about 2 weeks and changed her mind about that. She decided that she likes the Violin and will continue with it in 7th grade. I wish I could download my videos onto my computer but my video camera is so old it isn't compatible with Vista and the manufacturer of my camera said they don't plan on making it compatible so hopefully one day I can show you all my videos. :)

Megan and Kaylee at their concert! These girls have so much fun together!

Sorry this picture is so blurry. It was the best I could get.

Dylan Stanley Mecham

On April 7th, 2009 my little brother Jared and his wife Lindsay had their adorable little boy Dylan Stanley Mecham! He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19 inches long! He looks just like his daddy! Congratulations Jared and Lindsay!!!
Kaylee holding Dylan... just a few hours after he was born.

Dylan Stanley Mecham... So adorable!!!!

More Kaylee and David Archuleta

So if you know my mom Geri then you know that she absolutely loves David Archuleta.... So on March 27th, 2009, which I think is the week after Kaylee, my mom and Pam went to Idaho to see David Archuleta in concert, my mom took my little sister Stacie, Kaylee and Kaylee's friend Kacandra to yet another David Archuleta concert. Todd was supposed to go but because he had an early ball game the next morning I wouldn't let him go so Kaylee took Kacandra for her birthday! They met some other friends at the concert and as you can see below they loved being there! Thanks again mom! I really appreciate you always dragging my kids along with you!!!

Kaylee, Kacandra, Lexi, and Steven looking into a light outside of the concert.

Steven, Lexi, Kacandra and Kaylee posing for more pictures.

Lexi, Kacandra, Kaylee and Steven jumping off the walls!

Steven, Kacandra, Lexi and Kaylee... Don't we look cool! :)

Stacie and Geri having a blast watching David Archuleta perform!

Kaylee and David Archuleta

In March 2009 my mom Geri and her friend Pam got tickets to go see 2 David Archuleta concerts in Idaho... Well it turned out that they had an extra ticket and tried to get me to go along with them but I had other plans so Kaylee decided to go. As you can see below she had a lot of fun! She got to meet David Archuleta, his father (Jeff), and his band. Thank you so much mom for taking her! She had so much fun, made some new friends and loved spending time with you and Pam!

Kaylee with David Archuleta

Lexi, Jeff (David's dad), and Kaylee

Kendra (David's Pianist) and Kaylee

Kaylee with David

Lexi and Kaylee with Mike and Eli. I'm not sure which one is Mike and which one is Eli but Mike is David's Lead Guitarist and Eli is his Drummer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Broken branch

During our last snow storm the snow was really wet and heavy and unfortunately broke a huge branch on the front of our tree in the back yard. So Dave had the task to cut it off the rest of the way and ended up with some great helpers to help him do it. The kids were so happy that they were able to help their dad. And because I was gone when they did it I am so appreciative of Dave for taking pictures for me to see.

Tyson getting ready to start.

Todd working hard.

Kaylee even got in on the fun.

Tyson loving this!

Now he's really concentrating.

Todd determined to get it all.

So between the 3 kids and Dave they got the majority of it down but there is still the thick branch that needs to come down... Anyone have a chain saw we can borrow? :)
Hopefully when we do get a chain saw I will be able to get some pictures of Dave too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok so everyone keeps getting on me for not doing anything on my blog so I thought I had better start! Just a fair warning our life is pretty boring! :) ha ha

So to start...

Kaylee, Todd and Tyson just performed in the cutest ballroom performance. I am so thankful that their school has this after school activity. The kids love it and I think they have learned a lot from it. Here are some pictures that I took before they performed.

Kaylee being an adorable robot

Kaylee and her dance partner Jackson

Kaylee's level 2 ballroom class

Todd getting ready to perform

Tyson getting ready to perform

Todd and his dance partner... (sorry I can't remember her name)

Todd with his friend Zack

Tyson and his dance partner Kirsten

Todd and Tyson with their 4th grade ballroom class

They had so much fun and did any awesome job. I have a video of their performances but I'm not sure how to get it to my computer so if I can figure it out I will post them as well. :)